Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nick Update

Just realized I hadn't said anything about Nick for a while.  Yesterday he had a check up with the doc and had the staples removed.  He is still limited to what he can do with that arm (basically nothing).  All in all, it is healing very well and everyone is pleased.  He goes back in four more weeks and hopefully then will be able to resume normal use of the arm.

In the mean time, Johanna decided to try and top her brother by falling down Saturday night and ending up with four stitches and a black eye!  She was getting out of the truck in the dark and just stepped funny and down she went!  Poor kid!

Almost Done

Last night I took this picture quickly so it's a little blurry.  This is the third top for the nursing homes with the four patch strips.  I have just two more rows to sew together and it will be done.  Shouldn't take long at all.  Then I get to do something fun like picking out the material for the background on the next one!

That machine in the background is not the one I'm sewing on, but it's similar.  I have three old Kenmore machines.  The one I'm using right now was my grandmother's.  The one in this picture was purchased from an antique store, and the third one is the one I sewed on for many years that I received new back in the 1980's.

I actually got my Kenmore from my grandma and grandpa for Christmas one year.  I think Gram must have liked the way hers sewed and thought it would be a good machine for me.  It really was and I have sewn many garments and many quilts on it, and quite a few quilts on her machine.

Right now I have to get myself moving on hemming three pair of jeans for Ben.  I really don't like to mess with that kind of thing anymore, but once I get started I know it won't take long to do.  It's just getting them measured and cut that takes the longest.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Skirts and Pants

No, I'm not doing any garment sewing, although my daughter's boyfriend did ask me to hem three pair of jeans.

I was thinking about my grandmother and my great grandmother and what they used to wear.  My grandmother on my dad's side always wore dresses if she was going out.  In her later years, she would wear a sweat suit in the house, mainly for comfort and warmth.  No jeans.

My great grandmother on my mom's side was a bit more progressive, even though she was older.  When I was younger, all she wore was dresses, but when I was in my early teens she started to wear slacks.  Pant suits.  Remember them?  As years went by, slacks were all she wore.  Not jeans, but the dresses were just for special occasions by then.

And as for me...  Well, I know that when I was in grade school, probably up until fourth grade, I wore dresses to school every day.  If it was cold, I was allowed to wear pants under my skirt until I got to school.

Now, of course, we all pretty much live in jeans.  With the exception of those who have to dress up for work.  Although the shedding of nylons and pantyhose in favor of bare legs has come about, I'm not sure my mother has reconciled herself to that fact.

No sewing last night.  In fact, I was in bed before 9 p.m.  Just tired, I guess.  I grilled some burgers and we had leftover potato salad to go with them.  Easy and good dinner.  Tonight I have some chicken breasts to grill.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Linen Look

Here's the start of the next four patch scrap quilt for the nursing home.  This peach fabric has a linen look and feel to it.  It has been aging nicely in my stash for a few (okay, quite a few) years.  I think it has a nice weight to it and will make a nice throw.

All of the blocks are done and pressed.  I was one piece short of making all the blocks without having to piece anything together.  There is one block that will have that 6 1/2" x 12 1/2" section pieced from three scraps.  Hey, it just gives it character, right?  :)

Red Four Patch Top Done

Some sewing was done this weekend.  I finished the top with the red four patch leftovers.  The background is material I picked up at Miller's in Arthur.  I'm glad I'm getting a few of these nursing home tops made early.

This time around I'm trying to make them at least 60" square.

Monday, May 25, 2015

On the River

Saturday Ev and I, along with a family friend, took a ride to Grafton.  We stopped at a place called the Hawg Pit.  It's a biker bar along the Mississippi.  They had a band out back, between the building and the river.  We sat outside, had a 'hawg dog' and a drink, and listened to the band.  Then we took a walk to the banks of the river and our friend Al took this pic for us.  There were a lot of boats out.  It really was a beautiful day.

And if you were wondering, a hawg dog is a huge hot dog, split in half and grilled.  Then it's covered with pulled pork and cole slaw.  It's huge!

Memorial Day Dinner

We have had a wonderful weekend.  Ended the day with a nice dinner of grilled steak, corn on the cob, and home made potato salad.  The steaks were cut just for me at the store this morning. 

Yesterday we took a ride up to Springfield and had dinner with the kids at Olive Garden.  We had some gift cards to use.  That was a good time, too!

Ev and I did get a load of junk out of the basement yesterday.  We took a pickup truck load to the dumpster.  It doesn't look like we made much progress, but a few weekends, and one load at a time, it will start to shape up.

Friday, May 22, 2015

So Much To Do

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed because I really have a lot to do this weekend.  I really want to get the back part of my basement cleared out, but know that I can't get it all done by myself.

I also would like to get started on replacing the flooring in our bedroom.  That's a major deal and again, I need help.

Not sure how much sewing will get done this weekend.  There is a neat new tutorial on Missouri Star's website for a floating squares top.  I liked the way it looked.  Not sure that I have enough solids, though, to recreate it.

I also want to take Ev to that property that is coming up for auction in a couple weeks.  Want to get his opinion on it.  There are just so many variables with that, and I'm not very auction-savvy when it comes to real estate.  If I knew that I could sell my current house for a certain price, then I would be inclined to bid on this property and not exceed that price.  However, those are just some great unknowns.  sigh.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Keep Rowing Along

This morning I sewed the blocks for the four patch strips in red together into rows.  There are five rows of five blocks.

Now they are all ready to be sewn together into a top.  I just keep plugging along on these.

I checked on the basement before work and the areas I mopped are almost all the way dried up now.  With the floor being uneven, it takes a while.  I have had two fans on it since the weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Do we have a spoiled dog, or what?

Addy loves to sleep on our bed!  The thing is, when I go into the bedroom at night to go to bed, she is usually sleeping right in my spot.  On my pillows.  Sigh.  So, with much effort, I have to move 65 pounds of dog to another spot on the bed.  Who says I don't get any exercise?  haha.

I usually put an extra quilt over my pillows when I get up in the mornings because during the day Addy likes to lay there and look out the window.  As much as I love my dog, I'm not real fond of dog hair on my pillow...

She's a good pup.  Finally settling down a bit.