Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day is Dragging

So, since I was watching baseball last night, I didn't get any sewing done.  And today my work day just seems to be dragging.  I would just love to go home, take a nap, and then do some sewing for the rest of the day.  And maybe take two naps...

But that's not going to happen.  I'm fighting with myself about taking a solo trip to Arthur next week.  The shop I love is having their Fall sale and I really hate to miss out on it.  Us gals are planning a trip there in November, so do I really want to go twice in a span of a few weeks?  Well, want to go and able to afford to go are two different things, here...  sigh.


My Cubs won last night!  Woohoo!  I watched the entire game and was very pleased that they are now in the playoffs.  Cool Beans!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Morning

Back in the groove after the weekend, finally.  Last night I was so tired after work I was in bed before 9 p.m.!

Sunday we went to the Ripson Bridge Festival in Sorento.  In the past it was held at the actual bridge, but now it is held in the town.  There was an old time folk band playing good music, a cake walk, kettle corn, arts and crafts, and good food.  We had a very nice time.  Bought a few things, including a tie dyed tee shirt for Nick.  He loved it!

Saturday Ev had to work, so in the morning all four of us had breakfast at Denny's.  Then when he left for work I did some work in the yard and in the evening went to Nick's.  Hanna came too, and we watched The Princess Bride for about the millionth time.  Had pizza and popcorn and just had a good evening.  Love that movie.  And really loved spending the evening with the kids.  That was special.

I have just about all the strip sets sewn for Johnathon's quilt.  They need to be pressed then cut into sections.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I See Quilt Patterns!

Last week I was out and about and when I looked down, guess what I saw?  A potential quilt block pattern!

I'm sure there is a pattern for this block somewhere already, but I got a kick out of the design being in tile on a floor.

I had a great weekend.  Saturday was my birthday and the kids and Ev really made it a special day.  Will fill you in more on the next post.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Strip Easy

Some mornings I just have to get upstairs before work and sew for a few minutes.  Today was one of those days.  I sewed for ten minutes and made a little more progress on the strip sets for Johnathon's quilt.  Would like to have all the strip sets sewn together before Bonnie has Quiltcam tonight.  Then I can press and possibly cut during Quiltcam.

I am going out to dinner tonight right after work.  That might take up some of my quilting time, but that's okay!  :)

Oh Those Wings!

I have discovered just how EASY it is to make chicken wings that taste like the ones you get when you go out!  The secret is using the pressure cooker.  I can take a bag of FROZEN wings or defrosted wings and put them in the pressure cooker to cook for ten minutes.  After that they go under the broiler and get sauced.  Woohoo!  They are perfectly yummy!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This is not the crawdad I saw, I pulled this picture off the internet somewhere.  But the one I saw was every bit of 8" long!  It was a big dude!  They are digging some kind of trench out behind my office building and of course I had to go be nosy and look in the hole.  And there was Mr. Crawdad!  Huge sucker!  I took a picture, but he was covered in mud and it was hard to tell what he was in the pic.

I remember going out to a farmer's pond with my Great Grandpa and seining for crawdads to use for bait before we went fishing.  That's been a long time ago...

For Sale

Well, this quilt started out being for sale in my Etsy shop, however it wasn't getting any views at all.  I'm not really good at all this technology stuff, so I'm sure it was something I did or didn't do.  Anyway, I took it off Etsy and put it on Ebay (do they all have to start with vowels?).  I put a minimum bid of $200 on it.  I have over $100 in materials in this quilt, so that number seems more than fair.  I would like to get over $300.  We shall see what happens!

Strips Ready To Sew

Spent an hour upstairs last night cutting strips for Johnathon's quilt.  I have all the strips cut and even started sewing some of them into sets.  I think this quilt is going to go together quickly!

His birthday is in December, so I'm thinking he will either get it for a birthday present or for Christmas.  Not sure yet.

Bought enough extra material that I can make a couple pillowcases to match for him.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More Thrifty Finds!

Last week our son called and asked us to bring the pick up truck to the thrift store.  He had found an entertainment center he wanted and it wouldn't fit in his car.  While the guys were loading it, I browsed around and found this little baby.  Isn't she cute!  I would say she is a 15-91 clone because she looks a lot like my little Polly.  She was only $9.99!  I did not purchase her, but was sorely tempted...  Oh so tempted...  Still am.  Need to stay OUT of the thrift store until she is gone.  haha!