Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another weekend of flooring

We spent last weekend putting down more laminate flooring.  We had a little helper.  I think she is saying "Put the next board here, Mom"!
This is what it looked like on Sunday evening.  We didn't get it all done, but we quit before we got frustrated because there were a lot of pieces that were going to need to be cut coming up.

I am absolutely loving it!  Ev's excited about it too, because he mentioned going to get some area rugs soon.

This morning I went upstairs to do a little bit of sewing before work.  Addy was outside and I had a few puppy-free minutes.  I thought I had really gotten quite a bit done in the 15 minutes I was upstairs.  Until I realized the bobbin had run out near the beginning...  sigh.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Sometimes a pup just has to sit on a pillow.
Last night Addy decided to drag one of the throw pillows off the couch into the middle of the front room floor.  She proceeded to go get her chew bone and then plopped her furry butt on the pillow and looked at me, as if to say "A pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do".  Yeah, you know you're cute.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sewing, Ice Cream, and Puppy

I actually sewed last night for a bit.  Just made a sample block out of a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. 
What I need to do is find some puppy-free time to get upstairs and finish making the nursing home tops.  And I need to put the border on Roses in the Snow yet.

For dinner we had chicken bacon ranch sandwiches on mini ciabatta rolls.  They were so yummy and easy!  I just bought chicken strips from the deli, and the bacon was microwavable, so it was quick, too.
Finally got that Dairy Queen Blizzard I have been craving for 4 days!  Not that I needed it...  haha.  I texted my friend Donna about 8 and asked if she wanted to go to DQ.  She did, so I loaded up Addy in the back seat and off we went!  Addy just laid down on the seat and took it all in.  She didn't get up while we were driving, just when we were at the drive thru window.  Guess she thought she had to say hello to the workers.
No, she did not get any of my ice cream!  Did I feel guilty?  Maybe a little...  But she still didn't get any of my ice cream...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vacation eating

While we were in Southern Illinois, we were close enough to a restaurant in Missouri that is a lot of fun to go to.  I may have written about it here a couple years ago when Ev and I went there for the first time.  It's called Lamberts, and it's in Sikeston, MO.  They bill themselves as "the home of the throwed rolls".  Yes, I know the grammar isn't exactly correct, but the hokiness of it is part of the charm. 

The menu is decent and has a nice variety.  Ev ordered a pork steak and Nick ordered a chef's salad in a bread bowl.  I had a chicken pot pie.  Here's the guy's food:

Ev's dinner came in a huge SKILLET!  And do you know that man ate every bite of that pork steak?  Nick's chef's salad was huge.  The picture just does not do it justice.

The cool part about Lambert's is that the servers walk around with big pots of 'sharables'.  They come to your table and ask if you want some of whatever they have in their big ol' pot.  Fried okra, black eyed peas, stewed tomatoes and macaroni, fried potatoes and onions, molasses, apple butter....  mmm mmm.  Everything was just yummy.

And the throwed rolls part?  If you want a hot roll, you raise your hand and the server will throw a hot roll at you from across the room!  Better be a good catch!  I saw the woman's eyes get real wide in the booth behind Nick when he was thrown one.  He was laughing when she said "glad you are a good catch!"  It was a very fun place to go.  If you are ever in the area of one of their restaurants, it is really worth it to stop there.

Monday, September 22, 2014

It's debatable

While roaming the southern part of the state last week, we happened upon one of the debate sites between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas back in the 1800's. 
Mr. Lincoln and Nick are looking just fine!

Not sure if Mr. Douglas appreciated the smirk on Nick's face at how short his statue was!

This park was in Jonesboro, IL near where the cabin we were staying.  We had lunch in Jonesboro at a little bbq cafe that was pretty good.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm back!

Just wanted everyone to know that I'm still alive...  haha.  This past week of vacation was busy!  Here's what we accomplished on the floor.
It was not super easy, but not super difficult either.  Ev and I did have a hard time getting started until Johanna and Ben came over and helped.  They had just done their floor recently so got us going on it.  After the first couple rows were in, it went somewhat smoothly.  Keep in mind that we have an old house and I really don't think there is a square wall in the place..  haha.  At any rate, we have the one room finished and are pleased.  The second room is ready for us to begin laying flooring, but that may be a project for another weekend or two.  The bedroom carpeting has not been removed, but it will be the third room to get the laminate. 

And here's the newest addition to our family.
Addison, or Addy for short, has some pretty big paws to fill, but she's already on the way to completely stealing our hearts!  Oh, who am I kidding - she already has!  This pup has had a rough start.  She was adopted out over Labor Day Weekend and met with a bad accident which resulted in a broken leg.  The very next day she was relinquished back to the shelter because the people who adopted her could not afford the vet bill to repair her broken leg.  She had a cast on for weeks after surgery to insert a pin in her leg.  When we picked her up Thursday the cast had just been removed.  She had been kept in a cage for the majority of her time at the shelter, before and after the injury.

When we brought her home she went wild in our fenced in back yard!  We really should have corralled her because that wasn't good for her to do right after getting out of her cast.  We didn't let her do it too long, but the next day all she did was sleep!  She does limp on the leg right now, but gets around pretty good.  It's going to take time and patience and love to get her to trust us and be on the way to being a top notch doggy.  We are up to the challenge!  She already has connected with Ev and I, and comes running to us in her lopsided way whenever she comes in from outside.

So that's it for tonight.  I'm winding down and close to calling it a night.  Back to the grind tomorrow.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ahh, vacation....

Ev and I have a week of vacation and we are thoroughly enjoying it!  So far we have made a trip up to visit family and now are working on the laminate flooring.  Thursday we are going to get sweet little Addison from the shelter.  I can hardly wait!

When we were at Mom's I snapped a picture of the quilt on the bed I was sleeping in.  It's one of my early quilts.  I wanted to make a log cabin, but disregarded the silly notion that one side should be light and the other side should be dark on each block.  I hand quilted it.  And the binding was just the backing brought around to the front.  For all it's simplicity I still like it and it's held up quite well over the years!

I took a photo of a photo that was at Mom's also.  It's a picture of my Great Grandparent's on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
I remember the big party we had on their anniversary.  It was held at the motorcycle clubhouse in the little town we lived in.  Now, don't start thinking we were a biker gang family...  haha.  It was just the only place in town with a meeting hall.  And the motorcycle club is a dirt bike club that rides through the woods and climbs hills. 

This picture is from their early years together.  It hangs in my front room.  Lots of years between the two pictures.  What they must have seen and gone through!  He was a coal miner and she took care of the house and kids.  They set a wonderful example for me to follow in my marriage, let me tell you!

Probably not going to get much sewing in the next few days.  Maybe I can squeeze 15 minutes in here and there.  Will try!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

So I bought a few things...

Maybe I went a little overboard...  I bought a few things for the new puppy.
New bowls, leash, collar, soft squeaky toys, and a bacon scented (yes, bacon scented) ball.  I picked up puppy food and some chew sticks a few days ago.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Little bit of this and that

Last night was a good night to get a little bit of everything done.  I went straight from the office to the animal shelter to see our puppy-to-be.  She had gone to the vet yesterday and received a good report.  Her leg is in a soft cast now and next week that should be off and her stitches should be removed.  We are supposed to be able to get her on Thursday, the 18th!  I can hardly wait!

Made some breakfast sausages and eggs for Ev for dinner.  I didn't feel like eating much.  Then Nick came over and I did a load of his laundry and made him a grilled cheese sandwich.

I got all but a 4' section of the tack strip pulled up.  This last bit is behind the t.v. and I am going to try and get it up tonight.

I did spend about 20 minutes in the sewing room.  I sewed all the strips together for the first border on Roses in the Snow.  Might get that put on tonight if I have time.

And I did a couple loads of our laundry.  One thing I washed was an old quilt top made from jeans.  I'm hoping to repair the top and put a new batting and backing together with it.  It was so comfortable when it was still useable.  The backing just fell apart from hard use and repeated washings.  I think while I'm sitting in front of the t.v. I'll pick at it to get the old stitching and stuff off of it.  No hurry to get it done, really.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Three Stars

Here is the third Carpenter's Star top (without the borders) that I finished up last night while Skyping with Mary:
Going to use the dark color for the borders, I think.  That will be the fifth top for the nursing home's completed.  I need to keep moving on these! 

Made a big pot of hamburger goulash/stew - whatever you want to call it - for dinner last night.  I think it turned out pretty good.

So did the cat.