Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hotel Sewing

This was one of the best trips to Paducah I have ever had.  Some sewing was done in the hotel between the show, the shopping, and the eating.  I'm home now, feeling tired but refreshed at the same time.  Miss all the excitement but at the same time glad to be home.  Will write more about the trip in the next few day.s

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Counting Down

Tomorrow is the big day!  We will be heading to Paducah and the quilt show!  Seems like it took forever to get here.  I've got my list made of things I don't want to forget to take with me.

Still have a couple loads of laundry to do tonight before I pack my clothes.

I superglued my shoes where the stitching was coming out.  Since the shoes I ordered early last week have not arrived yet, I'm going to have to wear my old pair.  I hope they hold together.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Darling son had a blow out on the highway Monday morning on his way to work.  I swear, we should own stock in a tire company for as many as we have to buy all the time.  I'm loaning him my car while he gets his tire fixed, but I told him I have to have it back by Tuesday night because my Paducah trip is Wednesday!

New Place to Eat

A new place to eat opened up in town.  It's a bbq joint.  They have good pulled pork and also smoked brisket.  This was my meal.  It was way more than I could eat in one sitting.

The restaurant is attached to the bowling alley in town.  I'm hoping they stay in business.  We need to have a few choices close to home.

Another One Done

I did a little bit of quilting on Saturday.  This square was all I got done.  I really like the way it turned out.

The weather was very nice Saturday and Ev was working on the yard.  He asked me to help him clear some leaves and brush so he could take it to the compost pile.  It was a good day to get that all done.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Maybe I'll Wait In The Car...

After work yesterday I needed to stop at the local grocery store.  I pulled into a parking space and started to get out of the car when I looked up and saw this.

That's a big dog.  Real big dog.

In the front seat of the vehicle was a tiny dog.  And the driver, thankfully.

I did my shopping, which was just grabbing a few things for dinner, and carefully got back in my car with a shopping bag that had meat in it.  Was really hoping the pooch wasn't hungry....

When I got home I went to fry up the sausage I had just bought and it felt slimy when I was making the patties!  As it started to cook, the smell was off.  Well, you know what I did, right?  Threw it right in the trash.  I had also bought some bacon, so we had enough for dinner, but I hate to waste money like that.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting Closer Every Day

With the trip to Paducah less than a week away, I'm getting really excited about it.  So much to see!  So much to do!

At some point, we are going to take a quick side trip to the Harley Davidson dealer for our husbands.  Marla's husband, as well as mine, both drive Harley's.  I would like to get Ev a shirt and get our good friend a poker chip from the Paducah dealer.

Mary and I are like two little kids... I texted her today about what we would do for lunch on Wednesday!  She will get to my house about noon, then it's another three hour drive to Paducah.  I told her we had a few choices.  We could eat at my house, I could pack sandwiches and we could eat while we drive, or we could stop somewhere and get lunch.  Both of us agreed that eating a packed lunch while driving would be the best option.  I think we both would prefer to spend as much money on fabric and sewing stuff, rather than food!  Ha ha great minds think alike...  Plus Wednesday night we plan to have dinner at a nice place in Paducah, so we don't want to be too full from lunch.

So, Mary, if you read this, let me know what kind of sandwich you want!  Smoked turkey?  Baked ham?  American or swiss or muenster cheese?  Mustard or mayo?  The deli is now open for business...

And Marla, if you get to the hotel before we do, hold down the fort!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It Mat-ters

Not a real pretty picture, but it is a picture of my basement floor.  The floor is concrete, and standing there in front of Gemma and quilting can get a little rough on the feet.  Over the weekend I bought these foam mat sections and I'm real pleased with them.  They are those puzzle piece type sections, each about two feet square.

I had looked at one piece mats before and they were pretty expensive.  These came in packages of 4 sections and were less than $8 per package.  I found them at our local farm store, Rural King.  What is pictured is two packages.  I think I need one more package and I will be set.  I think if there was a mat under the air compressor it wouldn't be so noisy.

Real pleased with this solution.  Once in a great while there is a little water in that part of the basement, and if these get wet, it's not going to be a big deal to just get new ones if needed.  They were in the automotive section of the store.  I think their original purpose was for in a workshop.  Just don't tell the manufacturer that they can be used in a quilting studio or they will jack the price up!

Smoke 'em Out

Because I wasn't feeling really good, I decided I needed some comfort food.  Tea and toast sounded really good to me.  I was sitting at the kitchen table, not four feet from the toaster, and didn't smell the toast burning until the room started filling with smoke!  That's how bad the cold had my head stuffed up!  And this picture was AFTER I opened the windows and turned on the fans!

One Done

Over the weekend I did a little bit of quilting.  I put the swirls in the sashing and quilted this one block.  It's hard to see the stitching, but what I did reminded me of seaweed.  Just ribbons going with the direction of the rectangles.  It looks nice.

Sorry I haven't been posting for a few days.  I have had one doosy of a head cold.  Today I'm actually starting to feel human again.  I really need to take it easy and get rid of the cold because Paducah is next week!