Monday, August 3, 2015

Creative or Messy

My friend Marla told me about whirlsnswirlsquilting videos on you tube.  The gal is doing 100 designs in 100 days.  I have not seen all of them (don't think she is done yet) but last night I decided to start from the very beginning.  This was the design from the first video.  Correction, this was my interpretation of the design from the first video...  haha.  I believe it was called spiky grass.  When I finished the design I thought, wow, is that ever a mess.  Then I looked at it again.  It's not a mess.  In fact, I think it would be a good design to use in a border, or in a large space.

Between theinboxjaunt blog and whirlsnswirlsquilting videos, I am doodling more and getting all kinds of new ideas for quilting those tops!  whee!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Size It Up

Put a three inch border on the Paducah 2015 top.  I laid it out on our bed, but I think it needs to be a little larger, especially on the sides.  Going to put a 5 or 6 inch dark blue border on it next.

A Lot of Sewing

This was a very productive weekend for me, sewing wise.  I finished the last two tops for the nursing homes.  This is the purple one, made with the four patch strips.  I also finished the green top.  I'd like to get one of them loaded on the frame soon.  I've got some patterns for quilting in my mind that I would like to practice before using it on the Jimmy John tops.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Just One More... For Now

This beautiful Singer 401 will be joining my collection tomorrow.  Ahhhh.  Bliss....

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Timing is Everything

For months I have been going into this antique shop just a short distance from my office.  They have had this machine with a wonderful cabinet there that I would like to have.  I would like to have it for the cabinet.  It would replace one of the crummy tables I have in the basement down by Gemma and I could store thread and tools in the drawers.  I posted a picture of it before, but here it is again:

The price has been reduced by almost half.  Yesterday I gave the shop owner a downpayment and will be picking it up on Friday.  The machine is a Western, which I am not familiar with.  If it works, It will be nice to have in the basement in case I need to sew a quick seam.

The guy who brought this machine to the antique shop is also the same person who I purchased Polly, the 15-91 Singer from.  Last night, while sewing on Polly, the foot pedal started to give me a tiny shock.  Well, in my opinion, ANY shock from an electrical appliance is a bad thing, so I call the guy and asked him if he had a replacement pedal I could purchase.  He does and he will even bring it to the house this weekend and switch them out, since the pedal is hardwired to the motor.  Good deal!  Hopefully the replacement pedal will work, because it's only a few buck, but if it doesn't, I can order one from Singer.  That will be a little more cash and I'll have to wait on that.  Let's just hope the one he has works.

While I had him on the phone, I mentioned to him that I was still on the lookout for a Singer 301 machine.  He said he didn't have a 301 but has a 401 right now.  Oh, my.  My.  Oh.  My.  You know where this is going, right?  Long story short, he's sending me some pics of the machine tonight and if it looks good I'm going to ask him to bring it to me this weekend when he comes to fix Polly.  The price is way, way less than the machine usually sells for, so I'm good on that front.  Now, how do I explain all this to Ev?  Machines are so much harder to hide than fabric....  haha.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stuffed Peppers

I had a really good dinner last night!  Before coming home from work I stopped at my great uncle's and picked up some green peppers.  He grows the kind my great grandpa grew and I just love them.  Decided to make a batch of stuffed peppers right then and there, since I had the meat already in the fridge.  Dinner was real good.  Stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cucumbers in sour cream (they were right out of the garden also) and fresh canteloup.  Oh, and a big glass of iced tea!

Kinda crazy to have the oven on in this heat, but those peppers weren't going to wait.  I still haven't baked another cake.  Need to get on that!  haha.  Yeah, because I really NEED cake...

Sewing on Polly

Remember when I brought this Singer 15-91 home a while back?  I decided to keep her on the main floor of the house, not upstairs with most of the herd.  She's a sweet, simple machine and I really enjoy sewing on her.  I named her Polly, after my grandmother who was named Pauline.  Grandma was one of the main influences on me with sewing.

Last night it was terribly hot upstairs, especially after I made dinner (all the heat from the kitchen goes right up the steps and lingers there).  I couldn't have stayed up there to sew if I had wanted to.  Yes, there is a window a/c unit in the adjoining room, but it takes too long to really cool off and I wanted to sew sometime before midnight.  So I decided to sew on Polly.  I worked on the bags for the game and ended up making enough bags for two sets (16 bags) for an hour and a half.  They needed to be turned right side out and filled, then they will need the opening sewn shut.  Hoping to get to that tonight when I get home.  Ev is just going to put the word out that I make these bags, so I'm not going up to Tilley's.  I really wasn't too keen on going up there alone, and this solves that issue!

I also thought I might sew those tops together with the four patch strip blocks on Polly.  Might as well, since they are all ready to go.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Catch and Release

Singer 99K, dated 1956, made in Great Britain, in cabinet, $39.00.  I did not bring her home.  She needed some lovin' with her electricals.  They were all there, but I wouldn't have used the machine.  The plug was non-polarized and was missing the guard on the flat aread and the foot pedal was rusty.  The machine head was in good condition, but the finish did have quite a bit of crackle on it.  Hand wheel turned smoothly.  Cabinet was ugly.  Decals on machine still in great shape.

Nope, she stayed at the thrift store, waiting for someone else to take her home and love on her.

I did bring something else home...


Top left is about a yard of a calico print, with the date of 1987 on the selvedge.

Bottom left is a seersucker with trains printed on it.  There were two pieces and they probably total 4 yards.  Probably not 100% cotton, though, at least not from my burn test they aren't.  That's okay, they will go in a kids quilt and no one will care.

The rest are Christmas prints.  Santa's and reindeer, probably a yard and a half.  Kitties and toys maybe a yard and a half.  Toy soldiers is two pieces and totals probably 4 yards.  Christmas trees maybe 2 yards.

So total of 14 yards of fabric.  And I paid $5.32 for all of it!  Not a bad haul!

Pretty Pieces

Before I passed out from the heat, ha ha, I put those pieces together for one strip set for the second Jimmy John quilt.  I really like the look of the batik fabrics.  This jelly roll of batiks was darker than the last one.  We'll see how it turns out!

I have got to get upstairs with the vacume and clean the floor.  It's so full of threads and stuff, it needs it bad!  Just a little leary about using my new vacume on the threads, although I've been told they will come right off the roller very easily.

Been thinking about making meat loaf for dinner tonight, but my great uncle called last night and said he had some peppers for me, so now I'm thinking stuffed peppers would be good!  Not too keen on turning on the oven, but we have to eat.

Bag It Up

Here are the pieces for another set of bags for the corn toss game.  I ended up with enough pieces cut for two sets before it was all over.  I double the material, so each bag actually is constructed out of four squares.  I double stitch all the seams, too.  It just helps them last a little longer because they do take a beating!

Thinking of putting them on my Etsy store, but don't know if they would sell or not.  Going to try and get them done before Thursday.  That's when Tilley's has their bags tournaments, so maybe I could sell a few sets up there.  We'll see.

Was pretty hot yesterday.  Couldn't really stay upstairs very long to sew, even with the fan.  Went up before work today and cut more pieces.  It wasn't too bad up there early in the morning.  I am just going to have to break down and bring the things I need down to the sitting room and start sewing on Polly, the 15-91 Singer!